Technological University Thanlyin Buddhist Association


  1. To get respect , lovely kindness and unity of all major’s students and teachers.
  2. To participate actively in every religious activity which host in Technological University Thanlyin.
  3. To improve the charity mind of every students and to participate skillfully in the serve for Buddhism and to provide Buddhism as far as.
  4. To bloom the grate society which is fully with clever mind, morality and self-confident. And also to improve mind power.


  1. Since, Technological University Buddhist Association is a official team associated with Buddhism, it is not allowed to participate in other activity which is not deal with Buddhism.
  2. Not allowed the factors which can cause the religious conflict.
  3. Not allowed to participate in political case.
  4. Not allowed to use Association’s fund for Team member personal use.
  5. Not allowed to add or remove the Vission, Mission, rule and activity list of the Association’s with personal decision individually.

The Basic Rule and Regulations

  1. To serve the duties actively which is given by the Association’s leader.
  2. To effort the persistent growth of the association.
  3. To advice the ideas which can be improve the association’s activity.
  4. To be regarded every of association members as a family and to avoid too much kidding, dividing and fighting.
  5. To avoid betel, alcohol and smoke under the title of the association and activity.
  6. Every team member must be avoid party political in the association and even inside and outside of the university.
  7. Every team member must avoid the factors which can cause religious conflict.
  8. To avoid misappropriation of association’s fund, title and duties.
  9. Every team member who didn’t the followed the rule and regulation above, will be neglect from the accociation.

Regular Activity (Annually)

  • To do cleaning the pagoda and temple near (outside) the university every Monday and Thusday.
  • To spell the dhamma every Tuesday at university’d chaples.
  • To do cleaning the bagoda and temple near (oinside) the university every Friday.
  • To donate the traditional food (Hta-Ma-Nel) and To spell dhamma at the Kyeik Kauk Pagoda when in festival month.
  • To volunteer at the monastery in the Myanmar New Year (Thingyan Festival)
  • To go trip (Pagoda).
  • To make dhamma event and dhammasaba.
  • To participate in every religious activity monthly.
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    Members of Thanlyin Technological University Buddhist Association (TTUBA)

    No Name Position Phone
    1 Mg Thiha Zaw Chairman 09-43066269
    2 Mg Aung Myo Htut Deputy Chairman (1) 09-253685976
    3 Mg Pyae Sone Hein Deputy Chairman (2) 09-421096030
    4 Mg Zin Min Han Secretary
    5 Mg Aung Ko Zin Joint Secretary 09-795128557
    6 Ma Sandar Aye Treasurer 09-796162980
    7 Ma Yupar Kyaw Associate Treasurer
    8 Ma Myo Yamin Thu Information Officer 09-791437082
    9 Ma Mya Thet Hnin Associate Information Officer 09-420130213